The March vane in Beijing auto market

Published: 10th April 2012
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Beijing auto market data show that new car sales in February this year with the Beijing only 23700 vehicles, a 48% year-on-year drop. The status and the beginning of every month to buy large number of wave number team and unprecedented enthusiasm is out completely. At present, buy to have qualification but without buying behavior of tardy customers and no substantial under the background of constraints, fight to be the first "try a" wave number is consumers of a state of mind, qualified but "go to buy" becomes the customer a normal state. At the same time, as part of the consumers buy from performers, from the current market sales analysis, which can be seen sales of high-end models was significantly better than economical low-end models, among them with such as the performance is serious.
Facing unprecedented soggy consumer to purchase and increasingly clear market trends, Beijing each senior brand manufacturers and dealers models have begin to adjust sales strategy, in addition to having the perfect product quality, but also provide a series of service characteristics, in order to can live this a unprecedented "market tsunami", in order to in Beijing senior models market come to the fore.
The author home on a visit to Beijing a few senior car brand of distribution shops, found that the accord, passat LingYu etc, mainstream senior models, are in their different characteristics in the service project, the author compared the that: GuangQi Toyota Beijing distribution shops provide pecial service of the most creative, most heartfelt.
GuangQi Toyota Beijing distribution shops sales personnel introduces said: "with the pace of life and the increase of pressure increases, save time cost into people care about most things, whether close thoughtful customer service as the value of the product consider another important reference standard. Now, Beijing store distribution has launched a" wave number custody, shopping unconcerned "gold medal of the GuangQi Toyota wave number service: if the customer to the shop consulting and willing to take part in the application for the customer, buy wave are entitled" application ceremony "a, then there will be a special service provider and customer information, no handover wave wave, the whole provide tracking service, and finally through the contact way of the reserve, will inform the wave to the customer, so, no doubt, for the customer can save more time investment and energy.
According to the author of observation, GuangQi Toyota Beijing distribution shops in to shop for maintenance and maintenance vehicles also provides users considerate service, except for a professional technicians to vehicle quality maintenance, in service software, GuangQi Toyota Beijing distribution shops also reflect everywhere with other brand is different: the user can choose in neat rest the free Internet access or sample tea art, also can be in the quiet of the books to spend waiting for the car maintenance of time to complete, and the store also equipped with advanced massage chair for customers to relax, the user can use the window of the car on the rest of the maintenance process.
"For the user to a points for users to do more, let users not some concerns, a more than steadfast is we always adhere to the faith." GuangQi Toyota Beijing distributior store sales personnel said: "for a long time, the domestic car sales have been senior the benchmarking, our service will be Beijing automobile market. According to the Beijing market vane deep grasp the needs of the user, GuangQi Toyota Beijing distribution shops at the end of last year launched brought the edition, by this time the promotion, users reputation is quite good, it is generally believed that brought the touch the edition: definitely the needs of the user pulse, will" modified "concept and more luxury allocation is blended in among them, in dramatically safety and cost-effective and at the same time, catering to the needs of the consumers for fashion. Bring the version with a reverse images with the DVD navigation equipment, xenon lamp and angel eyes light combination, intelligent key and the" LIMITED "set limit to mark, these new equipment configuration, are all the more edition reflect the content of science and technology of the led and honor and refined.
The author also learned that: by the end of march GuangQi before Toyota Beijing distribution shops also carrying out various preferential buy activities: buy the qualifications obtained customers into the store consulting will get elegant gift a outside, the principle of the user that sent 5000 yuan worth of congratulations fund; If the user is the old car replacement, not only can get free evaluation experts, will also get a $4999 commercial insurance, GuangQi Toyota Beijing distribution shops will also extend to the warranty period of new car for three years or 120000 kilometers, the warranty period in the senior car brand is not unique, it also bring customer "benefits.
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